TFT Reckoning Set 5 OCE Mid-Set Invitational results

The weight of Oceania will rest on the shoulders of one of these players.

Oceania’s best tacticians battled it out in the Mid-Set Invitational for a chance to represent their region at the Teamfight Tactics World Championship.

The Reckoning Mid-Set Invitational featured the best 64 players from the open qualifiers and the ladder leaderboard who competed for their share of the AU$4,500 (about $3,498) prize pool over the course of two long weekends, from July 10 to 18. The top 16 players qualified for the Regional Finals, the final tournament of the set and the competition that will decide who represents the region at the World Championships in China later this year.

Image via OCETFT.

Points were reset after the end of each day of gameplay and the bottom eight point earners were cut from the following days’ play. Here is how the tournament scoring worked:

  • First: 8 points
  • Second: 7 points
  • Third: 6 points
  • Fourth: 5 points
  • Fifth: 4 points
  • Sixth: 3 points
  • Seventh: 2 points
  • Eighth: 1 point

After 64 of Oceanic’s finest players were whittled down over the four-day and 20-game competition, here are the best 16 players the region has to offer in set 5:

  • Jimjaam: 30 points
  • Angora: 29 points
  • Cho0nga: 28 points
  • Gages: 28 points
  • Arfz: 27 points
  • Naofire: 26 points
  • Chubby13unny: 26 points
  • Banter: 25 points
  • Teemos Dad: 25 points
  • Oubo: 24 points
  • Dawnglade: 23 points
  • Sora the Cat: 23 points
  • Admiration: 23 points
  • A Peanut: 21 points
  • Amaseing5: 21 points
  • Escha: 21 points

Here are the full results for the Mid-Set Invitational event:

Image via OCETFT.

The top player of the final day ended up being Jimjaam, a name that may not be immediately recognizable to a lot of TFT fans abroad but seemed almost untouchable for the majority of today’s tournament. Finishing inside the top three in four straight lobbies guaranteed his spot atop the standings despite his throwaway seventh in the final lobby, showcasing his ability to play consistently no matter what hand he receives.

Escha was able to sneak into the top 16 thanks to his miraculously early Force of Darkness, which allowed him two extra units on his board. Those two champions bought him precious time to roll for key units he needed in the Skirmisher composition, like Jax, and the popular streamer found enough momentum to leapfrog several other players while barely hanging on at just five HP.

Set four’s Oceanic Worlds representative Razza didn’t quite make the cut into the Mid-Set Invitational, but interestingly, set three’s representative Oubo will be battling for his second Worlds showing after a low-key but consistent set of performances across the entirety of the Reckoning Series.

The Reckoning OCE Regional Finals will take place from Sep. 4 to 5, where the top 16 players from the Mid-Set Invitational will be competing for a share of AU$6,600 (about $5,132) and the chance to represent Oceania at the Reckoning World Championship.