TFT Oceania Arcanist Cup: Standings, scores, and schedule

Only the eight best players will earn their spot at the Mid-Set Invitational.

Oceania’s best Teamfight Tactics players are battling it out in the Arcanist Cup for a chance to represent their region at the Teamfight Tactics Gizmos and Gadgets World Championship later this year.

The Arcanist Cup will take place over two days of grueling competition, from Nov. 27 to Nov. 28, and features big-name competitors like last set’s champion and prominent TFT streamer Escha.

At the end of the Cup, the top eight players will progress directly to the Mid-Set Invitational, an important event that can solidify a player’s spot at the Regional Finals—the biggest TFT stage the region has to offer.

Image via ORDER & OCETFT.
  • First: 10 points
  • Second: 8 points
  • Third: 7 points
  • Fourth: 6 points
  • Fifth: 4 points
  • Sixth: 3 points
  • Seventh: 2 points
  • Eighth: 1 point

Day one, Nov. 27

The first tournament in the Oceanic Gizmos and Gadgets series was a long day of ruthless competition that saw 240 players whittled down to just 32 over the course of six games.

The metagame of this patch is ruled by one composition: the Katarina Assassin re-roll board. Players must either force this comp with the expectation they may become contested, or hope to high roll slightly on the chance they can defeat the Katarina-led comps come late game.

Today’s competition was no different. However, with multiple Katarina team comps being played in each lobby, detracting from each other’s potential power, players that remained flexible in which carry they used seemed to generally come out on top.

The day’s best player, Blooey, finished with a remarkable scoreline of 10, 7, 10, 8, 7, 7, never placing outside of the top three in any lobby. Throughout the day, Blooey played multiple Yone carry games, and in the final match, relied on a stable and easy composition like Yordles to secure enough points to finish on top.

Here is the full list of 32 players that made their way through day one of the TFT Oceania Arcanist Cup:

  • Blooey: 49 points
  • Op playerz: 47 points
  • Jiop235: 45 points
  • Yush: 45 points
  • Myrogalis: 45 points
  • Saggo: 44 points
  • Yee: 44 points
  • Chrome: 44 points
  • Shiinsetsu: 43 points
  • Multip1y: 43 points
  • Eunwol: 43 points
  • TeemosDad: 43 points
  • Maxibon Bloke: 43 points
  • wok3n: 43 points
  • Zenko: 43 points
  • 2hr defacation: 43 points
  • janee: 43 points
  • Angora: 43 points
  • Tát: 42 points
  • Sarayn: 42 points
  • Naofire:42 points
  • jeoffury: 42 points
  • Dawnglade: 42 points
  • Haropeople: 42 points
  • Kr3amy: 41 points
  • Perfect Slumbers: 41 points
  • Dojo Mojo: 40 points
  • Featherknights:40 points
  • escha: 40 points
  • Pattrick: 40 points
  • Unusual Milkman: 40 points
  • TXE: 39 points
Image via ORDER & OCETFT.

Day two, Nov. 28

The best 32 competitors from the first day of play vied to stay afloat in the Arcanist Cup and secure the first eight spots at the Mid-Set Invitational.

Similar to yesterday, the highest scoring players of the day ditched the Assassin meta in favor of running more stable compositions that fare well into Assassins, like the Vi/Trundle re-roll board and the six Challenger Yone board.

The most impressive player of the day, Teemos Dad—a veteran of the Oceanic scene and someone who has quietly become a consistent performer each and every set—played a variation of these two comps in five of the six games they played today. Smartly using champions like Warwick to tide their board over until the big power spike at level seven, Teemos Dad finished first in half of all the games played today.

Here is the full list of eight players that survived both days of play and secure their slots at the Mid-Set Invitational:

  • Teemosdad: 45 points
  • Featherknights: 45 points*
  • Wok3n: 43 points
  • Dawnglade: 41 points
  • Dojo Mojo: 40 points
  • Angora: 37 points
  • Blooey: 35 points
  • Sarayn: 35 points

*Tiebreakers were decided based on which player placed higher on day one of the competition.

The next open event in Teamfight Tactics Gizmos and Gadgets series will be the Innovator Cup, set to take place on Dec. 18 and 19, where eight other players will solidify their spots at the Mid-Set Invitational early next year.