Team removed from Twitch Rivals Doritos Bowl Call Of Duty: Warzone Championship for cheating

The streamer claims he is innocent.

Image via Activision

A team has been removed from Twitch Rivals Call Of Duty: Warzone Doritos Bowl championship after being found cheating.

In a clip that was shared to LiveStreamFails, the streamer by the name of Metzy_B can be seen eliminating a squad in a very suspect manner. After the initial gameplay clip was posted, several other clips were shared from his streams from the past seven days.

After this was brought to its attention, Twitch removed Metzy and his team from the event. The reason given on the broadcast was that that gameplay was “unnatural beyond a reasonable doubt.”

For the tournament, the remaining teams will continue forward as per usual, but the tournament will be one team down from the usual count.

Twitch Rivals shared in a statement announcing the removal and also sharing it plans to investigate any further allegations of cheating during the tournament.

The Twitch Rivals Doritos Bowl held a maximum prize pool of $250,000. Given this, it is likely that Metzy could face a ban from Twitch given that cheating is a direct breach of the competition’s terms and service.

Following the accusations, Metzy expressed to the viewers on his stream that he is innocent of any wrongdoing and would like his name to be cleared.

While Metzy and his team have been the only squad to face removal for cheating, there have been accusations made against other competitors in the tournament of cheating as well.