Team Kinguin Advances to EU Challenger Series

Team Kinguin has earned their spot in the EU Challenger Series.

Image via Supercell

In a dominant display, Team Kinguin has earned their spot in the EU Challenger Series after dispatching Nerv in the EUCS Spring Qualifier Finals 3-0.

Team Kinguin’s roster consists of:

  • Top laner: Marcin “IceBeasto” Lebuda
  • Jungler: Wojciech “Tabasko” Kruza
  • Mid laner: Sebastian “Sebekx” Smejkal
  • ADC: Paweł “Woolite” Pruski
  • Support: Paweł “delord” Szabla

There is one more match to play later today to decide who joins Team Kinguin in the EU CS. Paris Saint-Germain, Schalke 04, Millennium and Team Misfits Academy will battle it out for the final spot in the spring split of the EU CS.

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