TCL: Roster Swaps – European Toplaner Joins Oyun Hizmetleri

Oyun Hizmetleri currently sit in 2nd place in the TCL, but have appointed a new European toplaner in attempt to further strengthen their roster...

The Summer Season of the Turkish Champions League has been exciting as ever. Oyun Hizmetleri currently sit in 2nd place and are on course for a playoffs, even though the team were only promoted from the Promotion League last split.

Despite their somewhat surprising success, the formerly all-Turkish outfit has decided to look towards Europe for a player to further strengthen their roster and solidify their position towards the top of the standings table.

The last European import to the region was jungler Robin “Rawbin” Eggenberger, who joined struggling Team Turquality along with Hakan “Revanche” ??lek before Week 3 of the TCL. Since the Swede’s addition, the team have gone 4-0, with 3 of these 4 wins coming against opponents currently in the top half of the table. During this time, Rawbin has amassed a KDA of 16.0 – currently the highest in the league.

OHM hope that their new toplaner, Seb “numlocked” Barton, will have a similar effect. The British player, formerly of Choke Gaming, replaces Sezer “âprox” Musluo?lu, and will play his first TCL games this weekend.

Barton’s first game will be against ATLAS eSports Team on June 27th, and will be broadcast live on RiotGamesTurkish, with the day’s action commencing at 13:00 CEST.