Team Liquid is creating a new academy team out of ex-Tainted Minds players

ShorterAce and Cake headline the new squad.

Team Liquid is has launched a new academy team to take a shot at the League of Legends Challenger Series, according to a Tweet today from Steve Arhancet, the company’s co-CEO.

The team consists of two former players from Australian side Tainted Minds, which was recently fined by Riot Games for mistreatment of its players and staff. Both Ryan “ShorterACE” Nget and Tristan “Cake” Côté-Lalumière have joined the new Team Liquid Academy alongside teammates from Team 8.1, another Challenger team that both Cake and ShorterACE played on. Kenneth “ExecutionerKen” Tang, Omran “Viper” Shoura, and Andrew “Slooshi” Pham will be joining them at support, top, and mid respectively.

Members of the former Team Liquid Challenger team have all mostly moved up into professional LCS teams of their own, and some even made it through to Team Liquid’s starting lineup in the NA LCS.

The new team is being flown out to Los Angeles to take part in a bootcamp to prepare for upcoming matches.