Streamer runs into Fall Guys bug that won’t let him grab the crown on Fall Mountain

Multiple players were unable to win the game after attempting to grab the crown.

Image via Mediatonic

The massively popular summer hit Fall Guys has been bombarded with players since its launch earlier this month. Due to this influx of players, the game has seen a slew of different issues. Many of them have been repaired, but some are still causing problems for players in the game.

One issue reported by streamer DrCuck last night saw him reach the crown on Fall Mountain but he was unable to grab it and secure the victory.

The streamer and two other players all arrived at the crown as it descended into a grabbable position. From there, all three jumped to secure it, only to bounce off and fall onto the treadmill below. After this, the three climbed back up to the crown just to have the same issue occur again. Before they got a third try, though, a different player approached the crown and successfully grabbed it to secured the victory.

The streamer was understandably upset at the turn of events, seen leaving his computer and ultimately his room at the end of the clip.

It’s unclear if this is an issue with the game, its servers, or if a player had been using a hack to ensure they won. The game has had an issue with hackers who have been using cheats to give themselves an unfair advantage in the game.

After encouraging players to report individual hackers last week, Fall Guys shared on Twitter that the devs have seen a drop in cheaters in the game after tuning its detection system.