Streamer accidentally dislocates his shoulder after getting eliminated from Fall Guys

He's the second person to dislocate his shoulder today.

Image via Mediatonic

Sometimes people can get a little frustrated when they lose, especially when they get eliminated in Fall Guys. One streamer, however, discovered that he should have controlled himself just a little bit more when he lost a round and ended up dislocating his shoulder.

The streamer, HippieDude12345, was racing to capture the crown in the final stage of his game. He was beat out by another player right at the end, though, which would be infuriating for anyone trying to grab an elusive win.

In his disappointment, he punched the air but instantly pulled his arm back as he realized he dislocated his shoulder. The video is pretty graphic—you can visibly see the joint poking out a little, so if you’re squeamish, skip out on watching the clip.

HippieDude isn’t the only person to dislocate his shoulder on stream today, however. Professional League of Legends player Toby “Udysof” Horne was streaming when he welcomed two new viewers to his channel with a whip.

He swung his arm too quickly or too forcefully during the dance and ended up dislocating his arm as well. As he held his arm in place, he slowly made his way out of his streaming room and presumably to the hospital.

Several moments passed before Horne’s sister walked into the room and confirmed that he had dislocated his arm before she shut down the stream.