Splyce and Fnatic Earn Their First Wins: EU LCS Week 2, Day 2 Recap

The EU LCS is now half-way through their first super-week and two big organizations got their first wins of the split.

Day two of the European League Championship Series super-week has come to a close with two teams earning their first wins of the split. In the first match, Splyce took on Vitality, while later in the day Giants played Fnatic. Here’s who won and how.

(1-1) Splyce 2-0 Vitality (0-2)

Game One: The first match did not pick up until around 15 minutes in as the two teams started to come together and fight. From the fights and two towers, Splyce opened up a small gold lead. Splyce opened up their gold lead a bit more before making a move to take Baron, but Charly “Djoko” Guillard was able to smite the objective away and steal it for Vitality. Splyce did gain an advantage after that as they took and inhibitor turret. They took it slow, but Splyce were able to steadily close out the game cruising to a smooth game one win.

Game Two: Splyce pulled out a surprise pick with Chres “Sencux” Laursen taking Mordekaiser into the mid lane as a counter to Katarina. Vatality got off to a quick start with a quick kill in the bot lane. Splyce quickly came back as Mordekaiser got some kills. Splyce started to systematically take down Vitality and the rest of the game played out much like the prevous match, a slow and controlled victory.

Player of the Series: Jonas “Trashy” Andersen. Trashy was given a very strong pick in Rengar for both games and he was able to use the champion to great effect. He helped carry the team to a strong 2-0 sweep over Vitality.

(0-2) Giants 1-2 Fnatic (1-1)

Game One: Giants took a strong lead in the early game against Fnatic with Jonas “Memento” Elmarghichi getting advantages for his team across the map. Giants took their small advantage and snowballed that into multiple objectives and eventually broke into Fnatic’s base. Giants were able to easily close out the game from there.

Game Two: Fnatic made a big play in the bot lane to take a lead and put Giants on the defensive. Giants kept the game even, until Fnatic start winning more and more team fights and then proceeded to take Baron. With their advantage, Fnatic cruised to an 18k gold lead by the time they finished the game.

Game Three: Fnatic took the lead again early in the third match and was able to pick up two Infernal Drakes before 20 minutes into the game. Fnatic massively snowballed their lead and almost breached a 20k gold lead right after 20 minutes. Fnatic dominated the rest of the match and took a win to secure a 2-1 series victory.

Player of the Series: Rasmus “Caps” Winther. Even in the game one loss, Caps put up a solid score on Syndra. The rookie mid laner is still finding his footing in the LCS but has a great team around him to help him succeed.