SKT jungler Peanut opens up to fan questions in late night drunk stream

The player was spilling some insights on the team before being pulled away.

SK Telecom T1 Jungler Han “Peanut” Wang-ho put himself in a potentially embarrassing situation last night—streaming while allegedly drunk.

Peanut came online in the early hours of Sunday morning, having apparently returned from an evening out where alcohol was consumed. Peanut voiced his concerns towards playing ranked, and instead decided to talk to his fans for well over thirty minutes after they bombarded him with requests to do so.

Casually sipping beer, the next thirty minutes saw Peanut series of questions that the jungler was all too eager to answer.

He talked briefly about the match with BBQ Olivers this week. The team were able to successfully steal a Baron from BBQ during their series win with Peanut able to see the Ashe ult in question that was heading towards him, Peanut expressed his pride in the steal and went into overall detail about the match.

He also shared his exercise plan and fitness goals, talking about his desire to improve his physique, before revealing some private if trivial details about life in the SKT house.

This included times when Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan’s dog Winter making a mess on Blank’s bed, and a time where there was tension between Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, Peanut, and Seong “Huni” Hoon Heo. The trio apparently reconciled over fried chicken.

Peanut also revealed that he likes to rib Faker about his interviews and public persona.

The player would have likely talked for hours, if not for the sudden appearance of SKT head coach Kim “kkOma” Jung-gyun. KkOma had apparently ran from his house to stop Peanut after he had learnt of what he was doing,

According to comments made later, Peanut was not reprimanded for the event and the team seem to be laughing off the incident—though the VOD has been deleted.