SK Telecom T1 fall to Samsung Galaxy

SKT were handed just their second loss of the season.

The LCK got a reminder today that anything is possible and no one in unbeatable.

SKT lacked Seong “Huni” Hoon Heo for both matches, favouring Kim “Profit” Joon-hyung to take up the top lane role instead after his impressive form since appearing in the win against KT Rolster some weeks ago.

Can anyone challenge SKT and KT? That has been a dominant question this split in the LCK and if today is anything to go by then yes, there is and they are called Samsung Galaxy. They dispatched SKT in dominant fashion, 2-0, to cement their place as second in the LCK, above the “super team” KT Rolster.

The SKT players felt disorganized while SSG showcased a raw unadulterated power that we had hoped to see from the side that challenged SKT for the World Champion title a few months ago.

The win feels like a step in the right direction for this SSG side to challenge for that all important Spring Split title, and to have a chance to head into the Mid-Season Invitational as the LCK representative.

Both games finished around the 30 minute mark in dominant fashion in both instances, SKT looked a shadow of themselves as they failed to secure one out of twelve big objectives throughout both games, there was some promise in Game Two but not enough to cause concern to this strong looking Samung Galaxy side.

SSG are currently 12-4 in the LCK standings after this win, just two wins behind SKT. Samsung handed SKT their second loss of the split, after a loss to Afreeca Freecs in week four of the LCK.

Many will still favour SKT to win the title, citing the absence of their star top laner, Huni, in the match as a reason to dismiss any alarm. But SKT and KT will need to watch out for Samsung Galaxy, who are looking to capitalize on their wins to force an upset and take the crown away from them both.

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