Shroud says VALORANT may overshadow CS:GO

The casual gameplay and visuals might be enough for VALORANT to take the number one spot.

Image via shroud

With VALORANT‘s closed beta launch earlier in the month, fans are now wondering how Riot Games’ tactical shooter will stack up to the biggest name in the genre, CS:GO. Popular streamer Shroud recently weighed in on the discussion and explained why he thinks VALORANT will overtake CS:GO’s popularity, but that new updates may prevent this from happening.

Shroud explained that Valve only updates their games when they must and that CS:GO did not have any major competition throughout the past few years. VALORANT is a major competitor, however, which is why CS:GO has received updates recently and will likely receive a major overhaul soon.

“Valve is so smart,” Shroud said. “The second a VALORANT beta comes out, they start pumping updates.”

Shroud also mentioned the rumors of the Source 2 engine being released this summer, which would line up with the release of VALORANT. If this is the case, CS:GO may receive a major update that would hold the fan base’s attention and could prevent a complete jump to the new game.

Shroud did say that he believes VALORANT will likely overshadow CS:GO, however, because of the easier gameplay and casual style.

“Do [I] think VALORANT will overtake CS? Probably,” Shroud said. “I just think it is a much easier game to get into, much more pleasing to the eye, a little more casual. Counter-strike is a little bit more hardcore.”

VALORANT is one of the most anticipated games of the year and will likely be a major esports title for years to come with Riot Games at the helm.