Shroud says he might “quit” Apex Legends, may return to PUBG

It looks like the popular streamer has had enough of Apex Legends.

Although Apex Legends was the game that gave Michael “shroud” Grzesiak his monumental start to the year on Twitch, it seems like the popular streamer has had enough of the problems of Respawn Entertainment’s blockbuster battle royale. “I got about three games left before I quit this game forever,” Shroud said. “I’d rather play PUBG.”

Though Shroud has been a huge advocate of Apex, he hasn’t been shy about criticizing the game. In March, Shroud complained about the rampancy of hackers and how it would probably ruin the game if Respawn did not find a way to solve the problem.

Unfortunately, Apex Legends has a plethora of issues that have driven away a ton of content creators. Respawn has been trying to remedy the hacker issue for some time now, but cheaters still keep popping up after each update.

Shroud’s also frustrated with server lag, which ironically, affected him in the match following his initial complaint. As the streamer landed, the game played out in slow motion.

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These issues have clearly affected other broadcasters of the game as well. The game’s viewership on Twitch has plummeted drastically over the last two months. Respawn will have to do a lot of work to recapture the magic that it lost, or else it risks becoming another forgotten battle royale game.