Shroud quits CS:GO game after playing just one round

Not like this.

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Former CS:GO pro and Twitch star shroud barely streams Valve’s FPS compared to VALORANT nowadays—and he might stay away from the game for a while now. Shroud left his CS:GO game during his latest stream after playing a single round due to an unexpected connection problem in the server.

The North American was playing a PUG on Dust II and died without killing anyone in the pistol round, leaving him to watch two of his teammates play a two-vs-one clutch against the last CT alive. The bomb was planted for shroud’s team and his teammates had decent post-plant positions, but the server started facing some serious lagging issues. This led to Justin “just9n” Ortiz, a fellow streamer and one of shroud’s teammates, voicing his frustrations with the game.

Shroud started laughing, but viewers could tell he was partially disappointed too. “I mean, we are done, that’s it,” shroud replied to just9n’s rage. The Twitch star said he was done and changed the stream overlay to his facecam and chat. “You thought Siege was bad? Get a load of this game called Counter-Strike.”

What shroud and just9n experienced seems to be a known issue for CS:GO streamers since hackers can apparently crash the server by joining the GOTV. Shroud has been criticizing the overall experience in Counter-Strike for years, especially the bad state of official matchmaking, which forces many people to play on a third-party platform.

After this last experience, it’d be understandable if shroud decides not to play CS:GO in his upcoming streams since he won’t face the same problem in VALORANT.

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