Shroud opens a CS:GO skin case for good luck in the middle of a retake

He got two kills and earned a nice R8 Revolver skin.

Shroud on BR esports
Screengrab via Shroud

Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek showed yesterday on his stream that he still has the skill to play against the best CS:GO players in North America during a FACEIT pug.

The ex-Cloud9 player was streaming Counter-Strike for the first time in 20 days when he decided to produce some content for his more than 45,000 viewers. Shroud opened a CS:GO case in the middle of a retake so he could get “good luck.”

Shroud was lucky from the beginning. When he opened his case, he earned an R8 Revolver Skull Crusher skin, which is classified level, one of the best tiers in CS:GO. Then he quickly got two kills and an assist to secure the retake for his team alongside another big streamer, Jaryd “summit1g” Lazar.

Screengrab via CSGOStash

The Canadian player’s Twitch chat immediately reacted with laughs, and so did his teammates, especially Erik “fl0m” Flom. Shroud’s team won the match 16-9 and he topped the scoreboard with 28 kills and an 82 percent headshot ratio.

Unfortunately for Shroud’s Counter-Strike fans, he isn’t streaming CS:GO on a regular basis anymore. He’s been much more focused on playing Apex Legends and Overwatch over the last month.

You can keep up with Shroud’s stream on his Twitch channel.