Shroud left unimpressed with Apex’s Grand Soirée event and ready for a meta change

Shroud is ready for bigger changes.

Shroud on BR esports
Screengrab via Shroud

Shroud stood as one of the most popular Apex Legends streamers in 2019, but he eventually moved on to other games such as Escape from Tarkov and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. With the release of the latest Apex Legends event, many fans expected his return, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. 

Apex‘s Grand Soirée Arcade event adds new limited-time modes every two days over the course of two weeks. The events include previous game modes, such as Armed and Dangerous, but also new ones, such as Third-Person Mode. Players will have the chance to earn or purchase unique skins and rewards just by playing the rotating game modes and completing challenges. 

None of these events are enough to get Shroud grinding Apex again, however. “I’m not missing anything in Apex.” Shroud said. “Apex is still the same game, with a couple of new game modes that are just for fun.” 

Shroud did say that he would like to try the third-person LTM, which was released today, so fans can at least expect a brief return to Apex. 

There is the chance the streamer will return to the game full-time again in the future. He also mentioned what he wants to see implemented in the game: “I’m more interested in, I don’t know, maybe new characters?” Shroud said. “Meta changes. I’m ready to see their meta changes with new weapons and hop-ups.” 

The Grand Soirée is the final event of season three. Season four has been rumored to launch on Feb. 4, the one-year anniversary of Apex‘s release. The upcoming season will introduce a new champion and most likely a new weapon, which has been rumored to be an energy-based SMG. 

These changes might be enough to reignite Shroud’s interest in the battle royale again and bring the once-prominent Apex Champion back to his old stomping grounds.