Shroud gets sprayed down in mid-air by alleged cheater in Apex Legends

Their aiming was just too good.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ season two debuted last week and brought solutions to many players’ complaints, but cheating apparently wasn’t on the list.

Michael “shroud” Grzesiek might have the proof of that. He was climbing the ropes of a balloon with his team during a match when another player easily sprayed him down before he reached the top.

“He’s cheating, I think,” shroud said but quickly corrected himself. “Maybe, maybe. I don’t know. That was insane.”

When shroud saw that player shooting one of his teammates right after, he was confident enough to say that person was cheating.

Getting a knockdown on someone at full health and half shield shouldn’t be as easy as it was for the person who eliminated shroud. When a player is that high up on the ropes, the distance between them and their target is large enough to harm their accuracy and make it hard to spray someone down. That’s why players usually use tap shots to target players climbing up the ropes of balloons, which wasn’t what shroud’s opponent did.

That’s why shroud quickly thought he was facing a cheater, too. If so, the person was most likely using an aimbot, at least. One of shroud’s teammates was also sure a second player was cheating, most likely on the same team as the first one.

Even though Respawn is always banning cheaters, the company hasn’t been able to effectively keep some of them away from the game. Apex has a built-in anti-cheat system, but cheat providers easily find ways to bypass it and offer fully-functional cheating software to players.

Although we’ll probably never know if shroud’s opponents got the banhammer, we can expect Respawn to provide another update on its efforts against cheaters anytime soon, just like it did in previous months.