Several tweaks made to Blood Moon Jhin

The upcoming Blood Moon Jhin skin has been edited ever so slightly.

Image via Ubisoft

Blood Moon Jhin, a new skin for the upcoming Blood Moon event in League of Legends, has received a few adjustments in both his splash art and the character model before its upcoming release sometime in the next few weeks when patch 7.3 hits Summoner’s Rift.

First, here is a side-by-side comparison of the new and old Blood Moon Jhin splash arts. 



The changes to the splash art include Jhin’s hand color, the smoke coming out of the gun and the moon itself. 

As for in-game, there was an initial bug in the PBE where Jhin’s traps (his E ability) had one crescent moon instead of three. This was found and reported by Moobeat on [email protected]and you can see their image below.

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Photo credits: Riot Games, moobeat