Secretlab unveils new League of Legends chairs inspired by Ruination

Viego, Miss Fortune, and Pyke will be the champions that are available this time.

Image via Riot Games

International gaming seat specialist Secretlab is teaming up with Riot Games again, introducing another collection of designer seats for League of Legends fans. Created specifically for fans who love the rich lore of League, the Secretlab League of Legends Ruination Collection drops as Viego, the Ruined King, and the sinister Black Mist threaten to consume Runeterra.

The three new chairs feature League champs Pyke, Viego, and Miss Fortune. They’re available in three different sizes (Small, Regular, and XL), giving you a wide variety of choices depending on your weight and size.

Image via Secretlab

Taking inspiration from the depths of the ocean and the Bloodharbor Ripper himself, the Secretlab League of Legends Pyke Edition features the distinctive scales of a jaull-fish on its side wings. Skewer your opponents and execute them with your ultimate—they’ll never see it coming.

Image via Secretlab

The Secretlab League of Legends Viego Edition chair is inspired by one of the most formidable figures in Runeterra. With Viego’s arrival, you’ll be able to command the Black Mist to wreak havoc on your enemies. Wield the full power of the Blade of the Ruined King, embroidered on the backrest. It will let you show your opponents who truly reigns supreme.

Image via Secretlab

Inspired by the famed Bilgewater captain, the Secretlab League of Legends Miss Fortune Edition pays homage to Sarah Fortune’s notoriety as a bounty hunter. Featuring her iconic pistols and upholstered in deep red leatherette, it’s the perfect fit for the marksman looking to comfortably decimate their foes in a rain of bullets.

Secretlab began its partnership with Riot in 2018 and has since provided League fans with a lot of collections for various events. The latest collection was designed last year for Yasuo, Ahri, Akali, and K/DA ahead of the Summer Split playoffs.

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