Secretlabs unveils new League of Legends chairs ahead of Summer Split playoffs

Get comfy.

Image via Riot Games

Secretlabs is unleashing a new set of League of Legends-themed chairs just in time for the LCS and LEC Summer Split playoffs. 

With four different options, players can pick a character they like or go with a “K/DA Edition” that features regal gold and purple accent colors with a dragon on the back of the chair. 

The three other chairs are dedicated to Akali, Yasuo, and Ahri. All four chair designs can be purchased for Secretlabs’ Omega and Titan.

While the Omega and Titan are similar in look, they differ in size, making them suitable for people with varying heights and weights.

Akali’s secretlab design comes complete with a large dragon design on the back that closely resembles the dragon tattoo on her character. Meanwhile, the forest-like colors of brown and green on the chair mimic her outfit.

In the same vein, Yasuo’s chair features a combination of light and dark blue that match his look and his weapon is displayed directly in the middle of the chair. Accents of white form a tornado on the back to add just a little bit of extra punch to the design.

Lastly, Ahri’s chair has red as the prominent color and a white set of fox tails on the back of the chair make the design unmistakably unique to her.

All of the chairs are available for pre-order on Secretlabs’ website with an estimated ship date of Oct. 14. So you might not get them in time for the Summer Split playoffs, but you should be able to have it in time for the end of the 2020 World Championship.

Prices on the chairs range between $389 and $429, depending on what size chair you get.

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