Season 8 Tyler1 disses current Tyler1 for spamming bot lane Heimerdinger in League of Legends

"Times change."

Screengrab via Tyler1

Twitch streamer Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp gave new meaning to the words “blast from the past.”

During his broadcast yesterday, the popular League of Legends streamer watched a clip of himself criticizing players for using Heimerdinger as an ADC during season eight. Ironically, Tyler1 spent a large part of season nine playing the Yordle scientist in the bot lane—and did pretty well, too.

“I’ll stay Diamond 3 before I do that shit,” the streamer’s past self ranted. “I’d rather stay hardstuck than spam Heimerdinger bot lane… You want Tyler1, alpha male, swag, giant muscle man to play Heimerdinger?”

Tyler1 smiled sheepishly during the clip before saying “times change.”

Bot lane Heimerdinger became prevalent last season when AP mages were considered stronger options than typical marksman champions. Many ADC mains, like season eight Tyler1, refused to adapt to the new meta. But “times change,” apparently.

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Tyler1’s most-played champ in season nine after Draven was Heimerdinger, with over 130 games played and a respectable 59-percent win rate. The streamer was also able to hit Grandmaster and made a strong push for Challenger before the season ended.

Fans eager to watch Tyler1 showcase action-packed Heimerdinger gameplay can tune in to his Twitch channel.