Schalke Goes Undefeated: EU CS Week 6 Recap

Four teams qualified for the playoffs and a chance for promotion, while two will have to fight for their spot in the Challenger Series.

The European Challenger Series teams took to the Rift, as each team looked to secure its spot in the playoffs of the spring split and a shot at making it to the promotion tournament. After a disappointing start, PSG looked to take a playoff spot against Millenium. Next, FC Schalke hoped to go for the perfect split against Misfits. In the final series of the day, Fnatic Academy played Kinguin for another playoff spot.

(1-1-3) Millenium 0-2 Paris Saint-Germain (2-1-2)

The two teams were evenly matched early in game one, matching each other in macro roams and micro kills. Millenium slightly pulled ahead and were set to take a strong lead, but PSG snuck a two-man Baron that flipped the game in their favor. PSG used that Baron to siege down turrets. PSG became too strong for Millenium to contend with and PSG won the first game.

PSG was the superior team from the onset of the second game, securing three early kills across the map. From that point on, they continued to roll and snowball their lead to the point when Millenium could not contend with PSG. PSG destroyed the Nexus with a 12,000 gold lead in a complete rout of Millenium.

(5-0-0) FC Schalke 04 2-0 Misfits Academy (1-2-2)

In much the same way they have all season, Schalke kicked off the first match on the front foot, putting their opponent behind early. Schalke dominated the match and controlled all aspects of the map as Misfits were unable to get anything rolling. Schalke took the easy game one victory.

Schalke did not get off to their typical dominate start in game two, as Misfits matched their level in the early stages of the game. But once Schalke got rolling, nothing could stand in their path. They steamrolled past Misfits to take the series win and go 10-0, undefeated for the spring split.

(2-1-2) Fnatic Academy 2-0 Team Kinguin (1-1-3)

Fnatic Academy kicked off the series with an immensely bloody first game. As bloody as it was, a large majority of the kills went over to Fnatic, as Kinguin struggled to keep up. Fnatic won a convincing and strong game one.

In the early stages of game two, Kinguin took a small lead through the jungle. Kinguin struggled to grow their lead, but kept the advantage over Fnatic. A Baron take by Fnatic cut significantly into the gold lead of Kinguin and Fnatic began to win fights. Fnatic overcame Kinguin to take the game and the series.

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