Schalke reportedly selling its League Challenger Series slot

After a flawless season, the team now seems to be considering pulling out of the Challenger Series entirely.

In less than a week, one of the most dominant teams ever to compete in the European League Challenger Series may be dissolving.

After spending roughly a year in competitive League of Legends, German soccer club Schalke 04 is apparently looking at selling its slot in the Challenger Series, according to German League website Summoner’s Inn.

Following a flawless performance in the regular season, winning ten straight games, Schalke was subsequently defeated in the European CS semifinals to a more-than-ready Misfits Academy. The loss was certainly unexpected, and it now seems as if it may have been the final straw for the German soccer club, as Schalke’s Chairman of the Management Board, Mortiz Beckers-Schwarz, told Summoner’s Inn that the team: “Will now analyze the situation internally.”

Schalke midlaner Marcín “SELFIE” Wolski also tweeted earlier tonight that he is currently open to offers, despite still being signed with Schalke. While not a conclusive piece of evidence, it does suggest that the players will be free to entertain offers from other teams.

Schalke entered the European LCS in May 2016, after having purchased the slot previously owned by Elements. The team enjoyed a brief period of success, but was ultimately relegated following the conclusion of its inaugural Summer Split.

If this is the end of Schalke’s time in League, let it serve as a reminder of just how quickly things can change in esports.