Rogue, Misfits and Luminosity Agree to Shocking Trade

Rogue, Misfits and Luminosity Gaming have entered into a huge deal, each giving up and earning two players in a shocking trade.

The Overwatch scene just got a bit more interesting, as Rogue, Misfits and Luminosity Gaming have entered into a trade that will mix up their rosters quite a bit. The trades will go as follows:

Kevyn TviQ Lindström and Jonathan Reinforce” Larsson from Rogue are going to Misfits, in exchange for Terence SoOn” Tarlier and Nicholas Skipjack Rosada.

Jonathan Kryw Nobre and Mikael Hidan Da Silva from Misfits are going to Luminosity Gaming, in exchange for Tim Manneten Byhlund and Kalle Zave Haag Nilsson. 

These changes seem to greatly benefit the teams, as former teammates, such as SoOn and uNKOE, now get to play together once again. It also helps out some of these European, players as far as communication goes, since the rosters are predominately from one nation, which means the players will all speak the same language fluently.

All former organizations thanked the players that they have sent off for the amazing efforts they put in during their time with them as Overwatch players. With these changes, I am sure all of these teams will be looking to make a new name for themselves in the upcoming months. Now comes the time for all of these teams to start practicing.

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