Riot’s tournament servers will no longer store pro players’ scrims

In an effort to clamp down on intentional disconnections, Riot has come up with a solution

Riot Games is changing the League of Legends tournament servers to benefit professional players with their scrims, according to a report by Korean news outlet InvenGlobal.

Replays will now no longer be saved on the League tournament software. The goal is stop professional players from intentionally disconnecting before games are over, so that the game is not saved on their profile. LCK players have grown accustomed to leaving on the tournament software before a game’s resolution so that Riot’s servers do not save the game on their profile, where anyone can find the file, download it, view it, and then see the team’s strategies.

Riot recently penalized Longzhu Gaming, Samsung Galaxy, and Afreeca Freecs for disconnecting during matches.

The changes have already been implemented in the NA and EU versions of the game’s software. The Korean software just needs to pass a quality assurance test before it goes live, according to Inven.