Riot: Rune Changes in 2017

Riot Meddler said that Riot is looking at changing runes in 2017, although he did not specify as to what capacity or what specific changes would happen.

Image via Valve

Riot Meddler said today on the topic of runes that “We’re planning to do some work on runes sometime next year – there are a number of things about them we think we could improve. It’s also a system with a lot of history to it, much of which is outside of my area of expertise and that of most Rioters. That’s why it’s not a topic that gets responded to much.”

The news raises the prospects of how Riot can improve the runes as a whole. Many have stated that as runes are crucial to the game, that they should become cheaper and be made easier for new players to understand the significance of them.

Others have called for a complete rework of the rune system in the similar way masteries have been changed and adapted.

One thing is for sure, we will have to wait and see what changes, if any, will happen to runes in 2017.

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