Reedy: ‘If You Are Not Winning Gunfights, You’re not Winning Maps’

Jordan "Reedy" Reed is not afraid to get gassed in the booth, and with a solid win over Fnatic, the EU hype train may find its next stop in the winner's circle at the CWL London championship.

Adam “KiLLa” Sloss and Patrick “ACHES” Price have themselves an EU counterpart in Jordan “Reedy” Reed in terms of being known for mindgames at events.

With a solid 3-1 win over Fnatic, Elevate move on to Championship Sunday, and they made a fair bit of noise doing it. Specifically, Reedy was getting hyped in the booth, and he believes that is the key to getting an advantage over teams that are otherwise very close to equal in skill level.

“To be fair, the thing off of the first map was me trying to get in one of the new player’s (wuskin’s) head,” explained Reedy. “He joined Fnatic, which is the biggest organization in the world… I was trying to get in his head because it is the first event. If you get in his head and he don’t play well, they are easily beatable, because they fire on all cylanders and are a tough team to beat.”

“That also helps my team get gassed,” continued Reedy. “If they see me as a leader or captain getting gassed, shouting at the other team and telling them ‘Well played’ and stuff, it just helps our team overall.”

In fact, getting hyped or gassed is something that Reedy believes is essential to Call of Duty. That’s not to encourage you to make vulgar remarks towards an enemy player’s mother in your next Modern Warfare 2 Search and Destroy public match, but being vocal to rally your team could be just as important as killing your enemy.

“Call of Duty is about killing people,” Reedy said. “If you are not winning gunfights, you are not winning maps. Previously, other teams have not gone that crazy because players don’t like it. They like to be calm and collected in games, but sometimes other players do love it. They go off on it.”

This kind of talk might have helped Elevate take home an Uplink game, where a win has eluded them for quite some time. As Reedy recalled the last good Uplink match they played was at Vegas against FaZe, it was a relief to finally get a quality win over a worthy opponent.

“It meant a lot to me,” Reedy said. “We just lost the SnD and I was like ‘Bloody hell, we are going to go down 2-1 in the series.’ But I told my team to reset, the game is zero-zero, treat it as it was the first map and hopefully we’ll grab the win. And we actually played very well.”

As Shea “QwiKeR” Sweeney referenced in our previous interview, tomorrow’s match between Elevate and 3G will mean a lot for QwiKeR in particular. With a good amount of praise thrown to Elevate, Reedy reciprocated the respect for his next opponent, whom he previously teamed with in the past.

“Shea’s been a really good player,” Reedy said. “I teamed with him back in AW and qualified for Champs for him. The other three players on his team I don’t know much about. Niall is a good player, Weeman I can’t rate, and Deleo (“Zerg” Devitt) is a pretty good guy. But I think it’ll be a pretty good game. They are definitely top-six in Europe. After this weekend beating Orbit, it was a group game that people don’t take much from it, but they are definitely a top-six team. I hope they find a good home that will pay them decently because Shea is a grinder.”

Elevate will face 3G tomorrow in the Winner’s Semifinal, with the winner facing either Orbit or Infused in the Winner’s Final.

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James Mattone is a journalist for GAMURS and can be contacted on Twitter –@TheJamesMattone.

Photo Credit: Tyler Lench