Red Bull Brings Back Hearthstone Team Brawl

On Nov. 19, tune into the Red Bull Twitch channel to see some of the best Hearthstone teams compete.

Need some energy from some exciting 3v3 Hearthstone action?

Red Bull has answered your prayers, as the second installment of Team Brawl will be held on Nov. 18-19, and will be broadcasted on the official Red Bull Esports Twitch channel on Nov. 19,

The first Team Brawl happened on Feb. 6-7, and like last time out, teams will be set up in a 3v3 format. Teams will be able to communicate with each other as one member faces off against one opponent from the other team. Each deck created by the teams will be assigned to one of the team members.

However, this sequel has a few differences from that winter competition. Namely, this tournament will be in a Conquest style format, or in other words, a blind pick of one of three decks before a game, and a winning deck cannot be used again in the next match. The first team to win with all three decks wins the series.

Coming back into the fray for this tournament is the reigning Team Brawl champion, team Tempo Storm, as well as Cloud9, Team Kibler and Team Liquid.

Are you excited for the next installment of the Red Bull Team Brawl?

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James Mattone is a journalist for GAMURS and can be contacted on Twitter –@TheJamesMattone.