Reaper looks pretty tough in this Street Fighter 5 mod

See how the Overwatch hero stacks up in a fighting game.

Are you curious to see what a Reaper kicking another Reaper’s ass looks like? Thanks to the Street Fighter 5 modding community, we’ve got a video of just that.

Street Fighter 5 modders THEJAMK and SIEGFRIED129 added Overwatch hero Reaper into the game, and he fits surprisingly well. Using the Charlie Nash character model, Reaper is placed into the Street Fighter 5 story mode cinematic, coming back from the dead. For anyone familiar with Overwatch’s lore, you’ll see their history is similar there.

As it turns out, Reaper doesn’t need his shotguns: In Street Fighter 5, he’s a dang good fighter. Like Reaper, Nash can teleport, which makes the mod particularly apt. Shown off fighting against another Reaper, Reaper has a teleport move that looks nearly identical in Street Fighter 5 to how it would in Overwatch.

Modder THEJAMK has put Overwatch into Street Fighter 5 before, too. In November, he put Sombra into the game, using Street Fighter 5 character Laura’s model. Like with Reaper, it’s a good fit. The way Laura manipulates electricity mimics the way Sombra’s hack ability appears in Overwatch. Other heroes he’s added include Mei and Roadhog.

At this rate, it’s not long before we have a full Overwatch roster in Street Fighter 5.