Rated: ‘I’m The Best SnD Player in the World’

Rhys "Rated" Price is pulling no punches after advancing to the Grand Final of CWL London, and says his Search & Destroy play is bar none.

Rhys “Rated” Price is not holding back after his Orbit side has advanced to the CWL London Grand Final.

In an intense series between two of the top EU sides, Rated clutched up big on Crusher Search and Destroy for Game 5, getting 17 kills and five plants. Afterwards, he was confident that few, if any, people can compare to his skills on that game mode./

“Me and Joee lost only two at Champs, and one being in the grand final,” Rated said. “But in the last two or three games, me and Joee will run SnD for a while.”

Translation from Mr. Rated himself?

“I’m the best SnD player in the world.”

Rated will have to back up that claim later in February, when Orbit will be in both the MLG Atlanta and ESWC Paris pools against some of the top North American sides. But for now, Rated recognizes that his team is meshing well.

Even so, in respawn game types, where Orbit have not been as strong compared their Search and Destroy play, Rated said that his side just has to stay positive… Or at least, break even.

“If one player is doing really bad in Hardpoint – especially on this game where kills matter – If one person slacks off, it’s hard to win a respawn,” Rated said. “But if we are all going even in a respawn, I think we’ll be real hard to beat.”

With their Grand Final opponent either being Elevate, Infused, or Splyce, Rated says that they have beat them before, and he’d be happy to beat them again for a nice $10,000 payday along with 5,000 pro points per player on his side.

“Every team in the tournament, we already beat, so we just need to replicate it,” Rated said. “And if our respawns improve, nobody will touch us.”

At the very least, Orbit will come to Atlanta $6,000 richer, as well as having 12,000 pro points to add to their total.

And of course, Rated may have a target on his back for NA pros who want to test his might on Search and Destroy.

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James Mattone is a journalist for GAMURS and can be contacted on Twitter – @TheJamesMattone.

Photo Credit: Tyler Lench


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