Rammus is the next vanguard tank to get an update

Following the big Midseason Update, the armordillo will get his own makeover.

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The three vanguard tank updates are the main focus of the upcoming Midseason Update in Patch 7.9, but there are still some vanguard tanks in League of Legends that need a little love.

Rammus is one of those champions, and although he isn’t getting a rework during the Midseason like his tanky friends, he’ll be getting his own update soon after, according to a post by Riot on the Dev Corner of the official League forums.

Specifics on the update haven’t been revealed yet, but the goals are similar to the upcoming changes to Maokai, Sejuani, and Zac. On top of bringing modernization to his kit by adding things like better collision checking on his Powerball, the changes will aim to bring some more skill expression to his kit.

Let’s face it, Rammus isn’t exactly a challenge to play or a reward to learn in his current state. Then again, it’s hard to be anything but overly simple when all you can do is Powerball at people and taunt them.

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It’s safe to assume that Rammus’ update won’t be quite as large as the tanks’, but it will hopefully be sizeable enough that he’ll be more enjoyable to play. Riot has said that the update should be pushed to the PBE for testing during Patch 7.10, which means it will be about a month before we see any details.