PSG League Coach Revealed

During their streamed press conference, PSG eSports have announced their new league coach.

League of Legends fans everywhere were heartbroken yesterday to see that one of its most influential competitive players decided to retire. However, in a stream today, Paris Saint-Germain eSports revealed that their new coach will be none other than Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim. YellOwStaR will be head of esports overall, and will not only cover League of Legends, but all esports that PSG ventures into.

As the head of esports at PSG, YellOwStaR will be responsible for scouting League of Legends players to add to the PSG roster. When asked about his goals for the League of Legends teams, he made it very apparent that his sights were set on getting his squad into the European League Championship Series). YellOwStaR is already very involved with the team, and has already been in Berlin looking for a team house. YellOwStaR even claimed that the team will be moving into the house very soon, with him living alongside them, and believes that the location will be advantageous, allowing them to scrim with other EU LCS teams.

PSG will be looking to take the League of Legends scene by storm, and are pulling out all the stops in order to make their introduction into esports to be successful. Acquiring YellOwStaR as the head of esports will provide PSG with an experienced and respected body to guide its new program, and he is sure to set the team down the right course.

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