Peacemaker leaves OpTic

The Green Wall’s problems are increasing—brick by brick.

Lui “Peacemaker” Tadeu is leaving OpTic Gaming after months of rough performances with the Green Wall, the coach announced last night.

The decision comes after a trial period with the team that began prior to DreamHack Masters Las Vegas. There, the Green Wall also fielded Spencer “Hiko” Martin as a trialist to replace Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz. OpTic was eliminated in the group stage and placed top-12 because of rough losses to both Danish powerhouses North and Astralis.

Weeks later, OpTic continued to struggle at IEM Katowice, where they went 0-5 in their six-team round robin group. THey was the only team to not win a best-of-one match in Katowice, Poland that weekend.

Tadeu attributes the team’s “lack of motivation” to the loss of their in-game leader, stanislaw, who led the Green Wall to success in the latter half of 2016 at ELEAGUE Season 2 and Northern Arena. The rumors regarding Oscar “mixwell” Cannellas and Will “RUSH” Wierzba departing to Team Liquid also had a significant impact on the team’s relationships and practice regiment following their poor showing in Katowice, Tadeu said.

These internal issues apparently led to sub-optimal team conditions for Peacemaker. “I think he’s a really great coach, but he is too emotional sometimes when things go wrong…he doesn’t match the style of our team,” mixwell said in OpTic’s Vision YouTube series,

“I don’t blame the guys at all and even for me the situation got out of control in a way that i just couldn’t do anything besides wait to see what would happen”, stated Tadeu. “In their eyes, my coaching style doesn’t match with what they’re looking for at the moment, which is completely acceptable, and that’s the reason why we were on a trial period.”

OpTic Gaming has struggled to find a player with enough firepower to fill the shoes that stanislaw left. Yesterday, the Green Wall lost to CLG in the group stage of Season 3 of StarLadder i-League StarSeries. That eliminated them from competing in the next international LAN at the StarSeries finals in Kiev, Ukraine.

Peacemaker will return to his home in Brazil to visit family and look for a new opportunity to continue his coaching career.