Former Team Liquid coach peacemaker seen coaching Misfits

The Brazilian coach has struggled to find a permanent position on a team.

One of Brazil’s most established Counter-Strike: Global Offensive coaches is apparently working with one of North America’s strongest up-and-coming squads.

Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu, former coach of teams such as Tempo Storm and Team Liquid, was present during Misfits’ run through the DreamHack Tours North American qualifier.

Consisting of TSM’s former CS:GO roster, Misfits ended up winning the qualifier after defeating NRG Esports in the grand final, and will be competing at the LAN finals in France on May 5.

Despite achieving a lot of impressive results since the start of his coaching career in late 2015, peacemaker has struggled to find any long-term success since leaving Liquid on Oct. 22. The last time the coach was employed in a permanent position with an esports organization was in late 2016, when he signed on to be the general manager of NRG Esports’ CS:GO roster. That only lasted for around three weeks, however, as NRG announced that he would be leaving the team on Dec. 9.

Since then, peacemaker joined OpTic Gaming on a temporary basis, following the team’s in-game leader Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz’s departure from the squad. But following two last-place finishes at DreamHack Masters Las Vegas and IEM Katowice, he made the decision to leave the roster.

Misfits has competed in a number of online qualifiers and events, but have so far only qualified for two LAN events: DreamHack Masters Las Vegas and DreamHack Open Tours. Noted for his strategic ability, it will be interesting to see if the partnership between Misfits in-game leader Sean “seangares” Gares and peacemaker can take Misfits to the next level.