When does Sigma release in Overwatch?

It should take some time.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

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Overwatch’s hero 31, Sigma, was revealed yesterday. This “eccentric astrophysicist” is part of the criminal organization Talon, which Widowmaker, Sombra, Doomfist, and Reaper are also part of.

We know very little about Sigma so far, and we haven’t even seen his abilities yet. But this doesn’t mean players aren’t excited about his release and eager to know when he’s going to hit the live Overwatch servers.

Sigma’s release date hasn’t been announced yet. Blizzard followed its standard procedure for hero releases, and he became available on the Public Test Realm on Tuesday, July 23, and should stay there for about three weeks until he’s released on the main servers.

Then, Sigma could be available on the live Overwatch servers as early as the week of Aug. 12, if Blizzard follows its usual release cycle for new heroes. But this date isn’t confirmed yet, and Sigma could either be released sooner or later than that. Blizzard usually announces new hero release dates when they’re very close, so fans can expect an official announcement in early August.

Some things can change this date, though. If Sigma is full of bugs or is too unbalanced for an official release, he might need to stay on the PTR longer before becoming available to everyone. It’s unlikely that Blizzard will make Sigma available before he’s been on the test servers for three weeks since the company didn’t do it with the latest hero releases.

So if you can’t wait to play Sigma in Overwatch, you should download the PTR and leave it ready for when he’s available there. The game will download new files automatically like a regular game update when he’s available.