This Overwatch player commentates his matches in-game

Folks told him he had a commentator's voice, so he started commentating.

YouTube content creator and New Zealand-based Overwatch player Fitz is often told, while talking to teammates in-game, that he has the voice of a commentator. That’s why he started actually commentating his matches for his teams.

And we’re in agreement with plenty of his teammates: He would make a good commentator. He’s got a mixture of what he can offer, too. His play-by-plays are a mixture of commentary and in-game communication, with a bit of trash talking thrown in there, for good measure.

“With a team as incompetent as this, things are becoming more and more challenging by the minute,” Fitz said in a video posted to YouTube. “Soldier: 76, here, taking me down to significantly low HP. I don’t have any heals inside here, Tommy. One hundred HP—oh, getting a little boost from Ana. I appreciate you dearly. Mercy gets taken down… Fitz is on a rampage here.”

Fitz also takes a stab at sideline reporting, interviewing his teammates during the attack and defense flip. In particular, there’s one moment where Fitz’ teammate, playing Reinhardt, makes an incredible play, charging at the right moment to save Fitz, playing as Soldier: 76. In an effort to break down Reinhardt’s play, Fitz goes for the interview, but Reinhardt’s got a bit of stage fright.

Fitz’ teammates aren’t particularly happy with his constant commentary, however. We can’t see what’s not to love.