Overwatch League commissioner reveals Blizzard’s vision for team locations

Blizzard wants to see teams in America, Europe, and Asia.

The Overwatch League’s commissioner dropped some hints about the plans for the global league, including which cities may play host to teams.

Details about the Overwatch League have been scarce since it was first announced at BlizzCon 2016, with the league set to start around July this year. One of the biggest sources of conversation regarding the league is which cities around the world will be included.

Nate Nanzer, Overwatch League’s commissioner, was at the Sport Business Summit in New York today. Sport Techie senior writer Mark J. Burns posted the following image from the event on Twitter.

Via Mark J. Burns on Twitter

A closer look at the image reveals cities from North America (Los Angeles, New York, Boston, D.C., Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Miami, Toronto, and Mexico City), Europe (Paris, Frankfurt, and London), and Asia (Seoul and Shanghai).

While the image does not confirm these cities as home to future Overwatch League teams, it does give us an idea of Blizzard’s hopes for the layout of the league at some point. Nanzer later confirmed on Twitter that the image is Blizzard’s “vision” of what the league could be.

With 11 of the illustrative cities based in North America, three in Europe, and two in Asia, it remains to be seen if Blizzard will follow through on its promise of making the Overwatch League a truly global phenomenon.

Update 3:35pm CT, Mar. 22: A Blizzard Entertainment spokesperson has sent a clarifying statement to Dot Esports regarding the slide at the Summit: “The logos and team examples shown at the Leaders Summit were for illustrative purposes only and are not the League’s actual teams. That’s noted on the bottom of the full slide.”