New Jersey has a disproportionate number of Hanzo mains, data shows

Well, that might not be exactly true—but New Jersey residents do Google him a lot.

New Jersey’s apparently got a lot of Hanzo-curious Overwatch fans Googling his name a disproportionate amount compared to other states.

Analysts from data insight website Zippia turned to Google Trends to look into which Overwatch heroes are searched for most in each state. And, well, the information was not very varied: Sombra is the most Googled Overwatch character for every state in the United States—likely due to her infamous, months-long alternate reality game. And Sombra’s search numbers expand outward globally, too. Zippia found that “Sombra Overwatch” has been searched at least ten times more than any other character worldwide.

Sombra is cool and everything, but her numbers don’t make for a particularly interesting map. That’s why Zippia changed its search query to determine which state—for its size—disproportionately Googles certain Overwatch heroes.

And from the data, it appears that the east coast has a thing for support heroes—and Hanzo. Overwatch is apparently really popular in Hawaii, with multiple heroes being Googled a disproportionate amount. The state turned up on top for D.Va, Genji, Mei, Pharah, and Reaper.

Hanzo, on the other hand, is disproportionately Googled in New Jersey, followed closely by Nevada and Arizona.

Because some Overwatch hero names are pretty common, Zippia appended certain names, like Mei and Reaper, with “Overwatch” just to make sure the search results coming up where definitely game-related.

This data will likely bring up memories of an earlier Overwatch study that determined the game’s characters as obscenely popular on PornHub.

H/T Zippia

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