OpTic Gaming trades Lava to eUnited for Red Icy

Following disappointing results for both OpTic Gaming and eUnited, the teams have agreed to a trade.

Following disappointing results for both OpTic Gaming and eUnited, the teams have agreed to a trade: Chris “Lava” Anderson will be leaving OpTic Gaming and Nicholas “Red Icy” Cope will be leaving eUnited. Both players had been teaming with their respective teams since Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, maintaining their role as top tier players throughout multiple Gears iterations.

This trade follows another recent move from eUnited, as the oranization traded Critkyle and Clouts for Xcells and Soto, who were on Echo Fox at the time.

The news is more shocking coming from OpTic Gaming, given their current lineup has been quite frankly the most dominant Gears esports team in the history of the game. Rumors amongst those with a deeper knowledge of the situation point toward possible internal issues behind the Green Wall that coupled with a disappointing second place finish at the Gears Pro Circuit Mexico City Open to OpTic’s longtime rival, Team EnVyUs.

Though it is too early to tell who will be the true beneficiary of this trade, both eUnited and OpTic Gaming will look to use the extended break period going into the next official LAN of the Gears Pro Circuit, which has yet to be announced. It will, however, be featured in Spring 2017 and boast a $200k prize pool.

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