Lunatic-Hai wins OGN Overwatch APEX season two

The South Korean favorites were able to secure the win after being down 3-1.

It was sloppy at times. Both Lunatic-Hai and RunAway made mistakes during the OGN Overwatch APEX season two grand finals. But after seven maps, a champion had to be named: Lunatic-Hai.

The South Korean favorites, who’d earned that distinction without a major tournament win, could not stand up to underdogs RunAway in the series’ first two maps, Oasis and Hollywood. Using the momentum built up on capture point map Hanamura—Lunatic-Hai’s speciality—the roster was able to secure the last three maps to tear the championship crown out of RunAway’s collective grip.

Winning nearly $90,000 in prize money, the championship final came down to the battle of the Genjis: Lunatic-Hai’s Lee “Whoru” Seung Joon and RunAway’s Kim “Haksal” Hyo Jong. But like the tournament results, it was Lunatic-Hai who came out on top.

Pushing the Eichenwalde payload toward the castle doors, Whoru unleashes the Dragonblade to land a single kill on RunAway Ana player Kim “KoX” Min Soo. The fury of his blade is enough to push RunAway away from the door—but just as his ultimate ends, Whoru leaps to his death.

But it’s not his death: Using Genji’s dash, Whoru reaches the edge of the ledge to pull himself up. He saves himself only to slice through Yoon “Runner” Dae Hoon on Lúcio. Stacked on top of the Eichenwalde payload, Lunatic-Hai knocks down the castle doors. Though Whoru played a major part in Lunatic-Hai’s championship win—he was named most valuable player, after all—fellow DPS player Kim “EscA” In-jae showed up in the moments his team needed him most, landing Pulse Bombs in places he wasn’t able to earlier in the tournament.

The Overwatch APEX will return for a third season in just three weeks, OGN announced following the tournament’s conclusion. Lunatic-Hai will likely be back to defend their crown among the best teams from around the globe.