OG is the only team to not drop a single game at the DAC group stage

The European team is dominating the field.

With only one more series left to play, OG are on a path of complete domination in the Dota 2 Asia Championship group stage.

Reigning Valve Major champions OG have not dropped a single game after the tournament’s second day. They’re the only team at the event to do so, making OG almost guaranteed at exiting the group stage with the tournament’s highest overall seed.

In four series, the team has defeated the International 6 champions Wings Gaming, Team Faceless, Team Empire, and LGD.Forever Young, a streak of victories which have put the team at the top of the standings of Group A.

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OG looks like the strongest team at the $580,000 event right now. And with only one more series remaining in the group stage, it’s almost a guarantee that the team will enter the playoffs with the highest seed.

In Group B, meanwhile, there is no clear leader, as the two teams fighting for the top spot share an identical number of wins, losses, and ties. Additionally, the top Western team in the group is NP Gaming, which is unexpected considering the team shares its group with both Evil Geniuses and recent StarSeries Season 3 champions Team Liquid.

Tomorrow will be the final day of the Dota 2 Asia Championship group stage, and will determine which teams succeed in reaching the coveted upper bracket of the playoffs and which teams have to fight for survival in the lower bracket.