New Steam chat emotes to arrive during the FACEIT London Major

Which emoticon are you hoping to get?

Screengrab via hudson633test
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There are 11 new emoticons coming to a Steam chat near you.

During the New Legend stage of the FACEIT London Major, CS:GO users will begin to receive brand new Steam emotes through the random drop system, similar to how Souvenir packages are dropped to viewers during professional matches.

The 11 emotes include a chicken, a skull, an explosion, a loser graffiti, a headshot, a banana, a golden “EZ,” a “GG” spray, a crowned skull, and a “Welcome to the Clutch” rainbow. Many of these symbols are already in the game in the form of other cosmetic items, like stickers, pins, and graffiti.

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Right now there are only nine emotes in the game, and they’re all really bland, such as a crosshair, a globe, a gun, a helmet, an anarchist, and bomb site paintings. So these new emotes will definitely be a breath of fresh air when decorating your chats and profiles with text-based symbols. To see all of the emoticons already in the game, check them out in the Steam community market. If you want to get one for yourself, they’re priced at 10 cents per emoticon.

To get one of the new emotes for yourself, all you need to do is watch the London Major through Steam.tv while signed into Steam. The biggest caveat, however, is that you must own the Full Edition of CS:GO on your Steam account.