New map, season, and game modes introduced in CoD Mobile community update

The new season will kick off in April.

Screengrab via Activision

The 1.0.11 update hit the live servers of Call of Duty: Mobile earlier today and Activision revealed more information on the upcoming events in a community update.

Make sure to download the newest update in a spot with good internet connection because it’s a heavy update—1.6 GB update on Android and 2.1 GB on iOS. It will pave the way for the upcoming season and its battle pass, as well as the release of the map Meltdown and new game modes.

This map offers a lot of different paths and hiding spots. It’s not exclusive to the mobile game of the series, though. Meltdown was first introduced in CoD: Black Ops 2. It’s available in Search and Destroy, Domination, Team Deathmatch, Snipers Only, Gun Game: Team Fight, Gun Game, and FFA game modes. It will also be a part of the map pool for the upcoming ranked season.

Two game modes were released with this update, Gun Game: Team Fight and 2v2 Showdown. The first game mode offers victory to the first team to reach 60 points or a knife kill on the last level. Players can progress their weapons by earning kills and assists.

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The 2v2 Showdown game mode gives random weapons to both teams that change over the rounds. Victory is earned by either killing both opponents or capturing the point.

The update also brought traditional bug fixes and balance changes to some weapons. While the LMG, MSMC, Type 25, and LK24 got nerfed, the BK57, ICR, and AK47 all received a damage range increase.

The next season will be called Steel Legion, referring to the theme of the Industrial Revolution. It will be released on April 1 and will last until June 1. The new season will kick off alongside its battle pass, which will offer the character Lt. Commander David Mason from CoD: Black Ops 2.

Some improvements will be brought to the ranked mode involving the matchmaking, penalties, rules, and graphics, but they weren’t detailed. Easter eggs will appear in the battle royale mode and a first look at the scorestreak offered in the upcoming battle pass was revealed.

Meanwhile, the Zombies mode was removed from the game yesterday. The developer will rework the game mode to release a better version, but that will be in the distant future.