League of Legends’ newest champion revealed—could be the first duo champion in the game

The new champion(s) appears to be of the same race as Ahri.

The newest champion (or champions) is on its way to League of Legends, according to a post on the official League Facebook page today.

Riot’s reveal follows a very extensive lore entry on Universe, League’s lore website. The story shows a new continent outside of Valoran that is home to creatures known as Vastaya, which are animal-human hybrids. These chimeric beings can be more animalistic than human, or almost entirely human with only minor animal traits. Ahri is of this race, and she’s actually mentioned in the story.

The two in the reveal look to almost definitely be vastayan, but they look more bird-like than fox-like, as compared to Ahri. We don’t know much about the new champion yet, but it looks an awful lot like the champion mentioned in a leak posted on Reddit over a week ago. If the leak is accurate, the champion would be a support and ADC duo champion, the first of its kind in League.

In the leak, one of them is supposedly a phoenix and the other a harpy. When selecting the champion in the pre-game, you would have to choose which of the two you’d like to play: The phoenix or the harpy. We’re not sure how the system would look, or if that’s even how it will work. If the leak is true, however, it would be one of the most unique new champions ever to come to League.

You could potentially play the first-ever double champion, but Graves still can’t have his cigar.