Myth, Ninja, Pokimane, and shroud will co-stream the VCT NA Masters One on Twitch

Four big names will be the featured co-streamers for this event.

Image via Riot Games

The VALORANT Champions Tour is about to hit its regional peak for Stage One since the VCT Masters Tournament is set to begin today.

With all of the details around the schedule already shared, Riot Games has officially announced the featured co-streamers who will broadcast the event on their personal channels, too. 

For Twitch, Myth, Ninja, and shroud are all returning to the co-streaming lineup, while pokimane is joining the squad and bringing her audience into the fold alongside the other creators. All four will be broadcasting on their personal Twitch channels and audiences with full support from Riot.

Likewise, Riot is also going to feature members of Plat Chat, a podcast network that covers both Overwatch and VALORANT, as co-streamers on YouTube

Riot has been using co-streams since 2018 with League of Legends and the practice has given the numbers for the LCS and LEC a boost. As of late, VALORANT has joined the likes of CS:GO in seeing rapid growth in viewership for co-streams of big events with Riot now doubling down and bringing on notable streamers to host featured watch-alongs.

For the main broadcast, you can tune into the official VALORANT Esports NA Twitch channnel. You can find more details about the event on the Play VALORANT website.

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