MVP and Longzhu Gaming Receive Caution Penalties

Longzhu Gaming and MVP have both been penalized for separate rule violations.

Screengrab via PCGamer/YouTube

LCK teams Longzhu Gaming and MVP have been penalized in the form of a caution penalty for intentional disconnection and tardiness, respectively.

In MVP’s case, the offense occurred on Jan. 24, when MVP’s top-laner Kang “ADD” Geon-mo disconnected from the game before it was finished, which is a violation of the “intentional disconnection” rule. 

In Longzhu’s case, they were given a caution penalty for tardiness on Jan. 25 in their match against KT Rolster.

The two caution penalties for both teams mean that if either get another caution, their penalty goes up to the warning level, which will result in losing a set score on the leaderboard. A repeat offense would dampen either teams’ chances of getting a playoff place in the regional finals or even put them closer towards relegation.

You can check out the official rulebook for the LCK here.

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