Most popular female streamers on Twitch

Can you guess who's No. 1?

Image via Twitch

When you think of the most popular personalities on Twitch, the first streamers that come to mind might include Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, or Guy “DrDisrespect” Beahm. Despite the prevalence of men in esports and streaming, studies have shown more and more women are starting to participate—and it’s starting to show on Twitch.

Right now, there’s an abundance of popular female channels on Twitch. While some may claim female streamers will never be as popular as the big name Twitch celebrities, it’s apparent that this isn’t the case. Many women on Twitch bring in massive viewership numbers daily, regardless of what game they’re playing.

Here are some of the most popular female streamers on Twitch who’ve found a foothold in the community through engaging content and gaming skill.

5) Lea “LegendaryLea” Currier

LegendaryLea rose to the top of Twitch with some controversy. Some say she’s too much of a “cam girl” to fit Twitch’s community, while others disagree. Despite her controversial rise to success on Twitch, she’s been one of the most popular female streamers for an extended amount of time. Right now, she has over 600,000 followers and more than 41 million channel views.

Perhaps one contributing factor to LegendaryLea’s success is her boyfriend, Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris. Sodapoppin is one of the oldest and most successful streamers on Twitch. While it’s not always obvious, Sodapoppin and LegendaryLea have been dating for a long time.

4) Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofsetter

Valkyrae has been streaming on Twitch since 2014 and has gained a large following, especially after she turned to streaming Fortnite. Originally, her gaming career started in GameStop. She said she never enjoyed working in the video game retail store but did like the employer discounts.

Her career as a Twitch streamer reached a new height last year after she signed with 100 Thieves to be a streamer and content producer for the organization. She’s been with the organization since October and recently moved into 100 Thieves’ designated content house in Los Angeles with Matt “Nadeshot” Haag. Today, she has over 650,000 followers and over eight million channel views.

3) Kathleen “LoserFruit” Belsten

After picking up a bachelor’s degree in journalism in 2013 from RMIT University in Australia, LoserFruit turned to YouTube. Shortly after she began uploading playthroughs on her YouTube page in 2013, LoserFruit started her first livestream. Throughout the years, she’s bounced between games like League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Overwatch.

Despite streaming full time on Twitch, LoserFruit still regularly uploads to her YouTube channel where she has over one million subscribers. Recently, her success on Twitch landed her a nomination for Twitch Streamer of the Year. She has over 800,000 followers on Twitch and nearly 23 million channel views at this time.

2) Kristen “KittyPlays” Valnicek

Twitch and the gaming community can get a reputation for toxicity and negativity. For KittyPlays, she’s set out to change that. While she plays various games on stream like Fortnite and Dota 2, she also places a large emphasis on positivity.

With the goal of spreading her positive mindset throughout her community, KittyPlays started her own team: Team Kitty. She describes the team on her website as a “networking and mentorship” team of female creators. Her uplifting community has led to over one million followers on Twitch and over 28 million channel views.

1) Imane “Pokimane” Anys

Throughout the years, Pokimane has always been arguably the most popular female streamer on Twitch. Despite her success, Pokimane has kept her private life away from the livestream. Although not a lot is known about her personal relationships and life story, it hasn’t impacted her success.

She’s of Morocco descent and lived in Canada, but now she resides in Los Angeles and streams full time. Before Fortnite was released, Pokimane predominantly streamed League of Legends. Her success on Twitch has led to multiple award nominations and also the title of Twitch ambassador. Last year, Twitch selected her to be one of the 15 TwitchCon Ambassadors.

Besides partnering directly with Twitch, Pokimane has also been recognized for her stream in other areas. Last year, she was nominated for Content Creator of the Year by The Game Awards and was nominated by Streamy Awards for the Live Streamer award. She also won Twitch Streamer of the Year by Shorty Awards.

Pokimane has nearly three million followers on Twitch and almost 60 million channel views right now. With such a large following, it’s pretty clear that she’s leading the way for female streamers on Twitch.