Midbox With Blaze

From professional player to professional caster, on this edition of Midbox I spoke with Guy "Blaze" Spencer about his transition to becoming the "Voice of Gears".

Midbox is a reference to an old Gears of War tradition of challenging another player to a 1 vs 1 battle using only gnashers, the Gears of War version of a shotgun. Is someone talking trash, saying they’re better than you? “1v1 midbox me!” This is a series in which I will conduct interviews with various players, coaches and developers in the Gears of War esports space so that we may learn more about them.

On this edition of Midbox, I caught up with Guy “Blaze” Spencer, MLG caster for Gears of War 4 about his transition from a competitive player to becoming the “Voice of Gears.”

How did you get started in competitive Gears?

“I got into competive Gears when I learned about GameBattles in 2006. It had a big following and was very competitive. It was a game that was one of kind and still is. I barely made it to my first event at MLG Meadowlands 2007. Back then, traveling for a gaming event was still unheard of. I didn’t know what I was getting into or how many teams were going to show up. The turn out, as well as the fire that every team brought, was amazing and even to this day, can’t be replicated. From that moment on I was hooked.”