Meta Athena’s wacky plays aren’t enough to hold off Lunatic-Hai

Meta Athena could not best the OGN Overwatch Apex favorites.

Piñatas stuffed with confetti line Dorado’s marketplace. Lanterns strung from rafters flood the city center with light. It’s always the Festival de la Luz in Overwatch‘s city of Dorado—and OGN Overwatch APEX competitors Meta Athena just wants to enjoy it perched high above the city.

Yes, Meta Athena pulls out another creative Mei strategy during the Overwatch APEX semifinals. And it works—for a bit. Struggling to approach the payload from behind, Meta Athena shuffles around the back of Dorado’s row of houses for what seems like a long flank. And yes, it is a long flank, but not the one anyone was expecting.

Using Mei (are you surprised?) Meta Athena boosts the entire team up and over what would already be considered the high ground. All of Meta Athena’s players slide down the rooftop and right into Lunatic-Hai’s front line. Ha “Sayaplayer” Jeong Woo on McCree, meanwhile, slips through the chaos to rotate around back, creating a deadly crossfire for Lunatic-Hai. And they can’t contend with it. Though it initially appears that Lunatic-Hai realizes something weird is happening, the Dorado boost proves too much for the South Korean favorites to handle.

But unfortunately for Meta Athena, the momentum built from taking Hanamura and Dorado away from Lunatic-Hai, after being bested on Nepal and Eichenwalde, is not enough to secure the reverse sweep on Hollywood.

With that, Lunatic-Hai’s aggressive dive composition pushes Meta Athena off their potential royal road. With Lunatic-Hai’s Gong “Miro” Jin-hyuk, as well as Lee “Whoru” Seung Joon on Genji and Kim “EscA” In-jae on Tracer or Soldier: 76, consistently throwing themselves into Meta Athena’s back line and wiping out their supports, Meta Athena just can’t stay alive long enough to thrown down any more game-winning strategies.

Going 3-2 against Meta Athena in the Overwatch APEX season two semifinals, Lunatic-Hai will finally make it to the tournament’s grand finals. Despite being knocked out last season by KongDoo Uncia in the Overwatch APEX playoffs, Lunatic-Hai has remained South Korean favorites.

Meta Athena will play against LW Blue on March 31 to determine the third place finisher. Lunatic-Hai versus RunAway will determine the Overwatch APEX season two champions on April 8.