Luminosity Gaming acquires a second Overwatch roster

Luminosity Gaming has acquired Hammers Esports Overwatch roster.

Luminosity Gaming has acquired a second Overwatch competitive team that will temporarily be called LG Evil. The organization now hosts the former Hammers Esports players that include Jake JAKE Lyon, Matthew super DeLisi, Rasheeq train Rahman, Connor Avast Prince, Robert rob420 Garcia and Matthew Voll Wallace. The current Luminosity Gaming roster will temporarily be called LG Loyal and features Alexandre SPREEVanhomwegen, Vytis mineral Lasaitis, Arthur Eissfeldt Marx, Mikaël “Hidan” Da Silva, Toni Ube Häkli, and Bastien “SuperPlouk” Klau.

LG Evil will also bring on Matthew “Percision” Cannon as a coach and analyst, as well as Ruben “OddWash” Batres as an analyst.

The Hammers team most recently finished second at the February Alienware Monthly Melee and sits undefeated in the Overwatch Carbon Series, where they are playing against Luminosity. The team has finished highly and won some online leagues or tournaments but has yet to impress at a LAN event.

“The opportunity to build a dynasty together does not come along so often,” JAKE said, showing the long-term commitment from both the organization and the players. He went on to thank Hammers for all they did for the team and hopes the organization succeeds in the future.

The CEO of Luminosity, Steve Maida, spoke on his love of the game itself and his excitement about where the competitive scene will go in the future. He also admires the commitment and sense of family the LG Evil roster has.

This is an interesting development, as most teams are unsure of whether to sign a roster with the build-up to the Overwatch League. With not much word from Blizzard, organizations are hesitant to sign a roster in this unsure environment. It will also remain to be seen whether an organization can field two teams in the Overwatch League, and if they cannot, what will happen to these two rosters and Luminosity Gaming.

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